Fractional Columns and Hybrids

Fractional Column Distillation Systems and Components:

  • Fractional Column Distillation SystemsDesigned for purification, fractionation and solvent recovery.
  • Through put of range of 0.1 to 500kg/hr.
Diameter (inches)Surface Area Ft2 (m2)Typical Flow (rates Lit / hr)
20.35 (0.033)0.1-3
41.16 (0.108)1
62.35 (0.218)2-40
63.53 (0.327)3-60
  • For purification, fractionation and solvent recovery.
  • Sized for small to mid-sized processing, pilot plants and laboratory work.1” to 12” diameters, 0.1 to 50kg/hr throughput.
  • Batch or continuous configurations.
  • Wide range of packagings and internals, system designs and materials, including stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass, etc.
  • Offered as: individual components, basic system or complete turnkey engineered systems.

Batch Mode Continuos Mode Fractional Columns and Hybrids