Benchtop NFD With Agitator

Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryer with Agitator

Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryer with Agitator:

To minimize contamination and exposure, high purity chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, specially solids, etc.are effiently filtered, washed reslurried and dried in this portable lab scale Nutsche filter device with special manually turned agitator, Design allows withdrawal of filter cake utilizing removable bottom head and filter support assembly. The unit can be pressurized to aid solvent removal. Drying can be enhanced by adding vacuum and heating capacity.

Unit size as shown is 6” in diameter with 4 liter capacity-alternate sizes are available. ASME certification is optional. Offered in stainless steel, Hastelloy, or alternate metals; pharmaceutical grade mechanical and electro-polish finishes; Teflon or alternate Coatings. Custom design features include temperature control options, jacketing, valving, special porting, sprayers, slight glasses, instrumentation, pumps, alternate mixer types, etc.,plus a wide variety of filter media.

Basic Process Description And Characteristics:

During use, it is typical for lumps to develop after the wet filter cake has begun to dry, resulting in inefficient drying. To break up the lumps, the agitator able to be slowly lowered down in to the cake by a lockable hand wheel while rotating it in one direction with a top mounted handle. The cake is broken up and churned using the specifically designed blade to break and churn in one direction. After raising the agitator, it is reversed in rotation and lowered down to the top of the cake, re-smoothing it into an even, crackless form. This process can be repeated until the filter cake is dried to the required specification.

Simulation Of Movement for Adjustable Mixer Disassembled